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Weather Networks

KCGEEKHOUSE weather data is also broadcast on the following networks:
Personnal Weather Stations Weather Underground Citizen Weather Observer Program Automatic Packet Reporting System WeatherBug

About our system

Our Location

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Our station is located in Kansas City, MO in what is known as the 'Northland' (any part of the metro located north of the Missouri River)


longitude :W 94° 34' 50"

latitude :N 39° 14' 05"

PWS Hardware


Our sensors are mounted roughly 6' over the roof at the south end of the house. (908 ft from sea level by GPS). We're on a dead-end, in a low spot with lots of trees, so our wind readings tend to be a bit low.

Weather station :

Station :  Davis Vantage Vue

Computer : Updated to a Raspberry Pi 3 in October 2016

ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l) Quad-core 1Ghz with 1 GB RAM - Running Raspbian OS

Weather website :

Originally Online: 18 September 2010

Currently Online w/ Historical Records since: 9 October 2010

Weather engine : Cumulus3.0.0 (3043)

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